What You Should Know About Oil Types Before Your Next Oil Change

What You Should Know About Oil Types Before Your Next Oil Change

An Oil Change is probably the most common service your vehicle gets.  We love performing oil changes at our shop in Paso Robles because it lets us stay in touch with our customers.  But what we have found over the years is that many people don’t know much about the oil that goes into their car.  There are different types of oil and it’s important to know their differences so you can make the right choice for your vehicle.  If you are looking for an oil change in Paso Robles, come by and see us and we will gladly review your options with you, but if you’re still deciding, here it is in a nutshell:

What You Should Know About Oil Types Before Your Next Oil Change

1. There are 3 categories of oil: Conventional, Blended, and Synthetic.  You may have been asked in the past about which type of oil you wanted at an oil change but only saw the price difference without knowing much else.  That’s ok!  Read on and you’ll be able to make an informed decision next time.

2. Conventional oil is often the cheapest.  It’s refined, petroleum-based oil without any additives.  And while you may think of this as a paleo diet for your car, the truth is that it is most likely to create sludge build-ups in your engine, which will hurt its lifespan.

3. Blended oil is the most commonly used oil in oil changes (unless you’re going to a super-deep-discount shop which might use Conventional oil as their most common oil).  This oil is a blend of Conventional oil and Synthetic oil, which makes it cheaper than a completely synthetic oil.  Blends offer more lubrication, heat distribution, longevity, and sludge prevention than a Conventional Oil which are all important for your engine and makes Blended oil worth the extra cost.  Afterall, here in Paso Robles we love blended wines, right?  So just remember that blended is better.

4. Synthetic oils are completely manufactured by purifying crude oil and breaking it down to the molecular level. This process removes impurities which adds even better lubrication, heat distribution, and sludge prevention than either a Conventional oil or a Blended oil.  Synthetic oils are designed to resist breaking down and remain intact through temperature changes.  They are the go-to oil for high-performance engines and engines that need the added benefits.

5. There is a fourth type of oil that will show up as an oil change option, but it falls under the category of Blended: High-Mileage oil or High-Mileage Blend oil.  Engines with over 75,000 miles on them will benefit from switching to a Blended oil specifically formulated for older engines.  75,000 miles may not seem “old” in the life of a vehicle as they are lasting much, much longer now, but after about 75,000 miles, your engine becomes more susceptible to oxidization, sludge build-up (from getting those cheaper oil changes before you knew better), and seals beginning to crack.  High-Mileage Blended oil includes detergents to clean out sludge and extra lubricants to protect seals and gaskets, along with anti-oxidants to keep corrosion at bay.  If you have a vehicle with 75,000 or more miles on it, consider switching to a High-Mileage Blended oil to preserve and extend the lifespan of your car, truck, or SUV.

The next decision you’ll need to make at an oil change is about the oil filter.  Thankfully, this is an easy decision to make – change it!  The oil filter should be changed at every oil change.  And while there are different brands of oil filters, there are not different types. Some people and some auto repair shops will have a brand preference, but that can be said about almost anything. 

Oil changes are incredibly important to your vehicle.  Be sure you’re getting one every 3,000 – 5,000 miles (based on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendation).  If you don’t remember how long its been since your last oil change, bring your car in to our shop in Paso Robles and we can check your oil free of charge and let you know if you’re ready for an oil change in your vehicle.

If you know you’re ready for an oil change, request an appointment online here, or come by and see us.  We can’t promise that we can always get you in-and-out for an oil change without an appointment, but there is a good chance that you won’t have to wait terribly long for this quick service.

Click here to learn more about our oil changes and what is included with an oil change service.


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  • Tyler Johnson
    March 10, 2020, 5:11 pm REPLY

    That’s good to know that blended oil will be the most common one used in oil changes. I am considering trying to change my own oil, and I would want to know which one to use. I’m pretty sure that’s what it uses, so I’ll have to pick some of that up, and then see if I can have the old stuff recycled.

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  • Thomas Clarence
    March 26, 2021, 7:41 pm REPLY

    I found it interesting when you explained that synthetic oils are the go-to oils for performance engines. My brother is thinking of purchasing a sports car. I will have to tell him that he will have to think about using synthetic oil whenever he changes it out.

  • Zachary Tomlinson
    April 26, 2021, 11:56 am REPLY

    Thanks for pointing out that you should consider using synthetic oils since they resist temperature changes and last longer. My uncle is looking for tips on how to prolong the lifespan of his new coupe. Hopefully, this can convince him to have his oils changed by an expert now and then.

  • Claire Masters
    June 12, 2021, 3:40 pm REPLY

    It was really interesting to learn that synthetic oils have been manufactured to prevent them from breaking down. My brother is planning on purchasing a used car from our dad’s old friend. He said that he wants to take it to an auto shop for an oil change so I hope he finds one soon.


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