In Paso Robles and all of Northern San Luis Obispo County, it gets hot in the summer, which means you need a reliable air conditioner in your car, truck, or SUV.  At Allegiance Automotive, we have the newest technology which is the best out there for the environment and you’re car’s A/C.  We are one of very few shops in the area to have a 1234YF air conditioning repair unit.  Newer cars have already been switched from R-134A (cars before that used R-21 Freon which depletes the ozone layer) to 1234YF because it is safer for the environment.  We value our customers and our community, which is why we offer the best choice in car A/C services and repairs.

What is Involved in a Vehicle’s A/C Service?

The first step in servicing a vehicle’s air conditioning system is to perform an A/C performance check.  Often, the refrigerant in your vehicle must be recovered (vacuumed out), recycled, and recharged with new refrigerant.  We prevent cross-contamination of new and old refrigerant and have the equipment to handle this in an environmentally friendly way.  Often, when an air conditioning system stops working, there is a leak in the system which we will check for while the system is empty of the remaining chemicals.  Once we find the leak, we will let you know what it will take to repair the leak (often a new hose, O-ring, or seal).  In some cases, a pump or other component may be broken and we can help you get that repaired or replaced, too.  We service all vehicle models.

What if I have Old Freon?

Cars built before 1994 typically have the R-12 Freon which depletes the ozone layer.  If you’re concerned you have this older form of car refrigerant, we can safely retrofit your vehicle to a newer, safer refrigerant.  Our planet will thank you!

Why choose Allegiance Automotive for your Air Conditioning Repair or Service?

In addition to offering the latest and greatest equipment to provide you with the best A/C repair, we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile on most repairs.  You’ll find that’s longer than what our competition offers and we offer it because we put your safety first.  We are also ASE-certified which means we have completed countless hours of training to make sure we’re the best choice for your auto repair needs.


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