Thinking about a brake repair for your car, truck, or SUV?  Your vehicle’s braking system might just be the most important system in your vehicle when it comes to your and your passengers’ safety. The engine gets the car moving and from Point A to Point B, but your brakes are what bring you to a calm, safe stop at the end of your trip, or a sudden, fast stop in an emergency. So if you’re considering having your brakes repaired or replaced, the answer should always be YES GET THEM CHECKED!

Our team of expert auto mechanics and technicians are not only the best at servicing your brakes, but they are the leading professionals at diagnosing exactly what is wrong with your brakes needing repair in Paso Robles, California. A squeaking, screeching, rattling, or burning smell while braking could be your car trying to let you know you need a brake repair or replacement. So take your care to the best because when it comes to brake repair, safety matters!

What is involved in brake repair?

Your vehicle’s brakes work similar to a bike’s, but the system is more complicated because they have to stop much more weight. We start by diagnosing the problem by listening, visually inspecting, and driving your car, truck, or SUV when needed.  Then we can determine if your brakes could be leaking fluid and need line change or  simply need fluid change. Often, the brake pads, shoes, or rotors need to be replaced due to routine wear and tear, but in some cases, the entire cylinder might need to be replaced. Brake repair is a job for the best mechanics and technicians in Paso Robles to take care of for you. Our team at Allegiance Automotive are those professionals.

We provide a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty with every brake service we provide. It does not matter the make, model, or year of your vehicle; we are prepared for your needs when it comes to brake repair in Paso Robles, Californai. Let us inspect, maintain, and repair your brakes and keep you driving safely. At Allegiance Automotive, we truly care about you and your safety out on the roads. Give us a call, use our online appointment request form, or stop on in today if that’s most convenient. Don’t let that rattling continue on and make things worse. We are the leaders in brake repair in San Luis Obispo County.

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