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An auto tune up can do a lot to extend the life of your car, truck, or SUV, but it’s a routine car repair service that is often overlooked.  Think of a tune-up like getting an annual physical; it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about anything you’ve noticed lately and a chance for us to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for safety.  We consider it our time to thoroughly go through your vehicle to catch anything that might be near a failure point with your vehicle before it fails.

When should I get a tune-up?

Manufacturers may include tune-up information in their maintenance schedule, but it’s usually an annual car repair service.  Not all components will need to be replaced annually, but some will.  For parts that are not replaced annually, they will be inspected for signs of wear and tear.

What’s included in a tune-up?

Consumable parts of your car, truck, or SUV will be inspected and replaced when needed.  These can include filters (like air and oil), fluids (like oil, brake, transmission, and coolant), and spark plugs.  We look at systems like the ignition system, brake system, pumps, pulleys, and powertrain to review potential failure points and needed car repairs.

We check:

  • Alternator;
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid or Clutch Fluid;
  • Battery;
  • Belt Tensioner;
  • Brake Fluid;
  • Brakes;
  • Cabin Air Filter;
  • Coolant;
  • Drive Shaft Boots;
  • Engine Air Filter;
  • Exhaust System;
  • External Drive Belts;
  • Fuel Filter;
  • Headlights;
  • Hoses;
  • Ignition System;
  • In-Cabin Filter;
  • Oil Filter;
  • Oil;
  • Parking Brake Cable;
  • Power Steering Fluid;
  • Radiator Hoses;
  • Serpentine Belt;
  • Shock Absorbers;
  • Spark Plugs;
  • Steering Gears and Dust Seals;
  • Struts;
  • Suspension;
  • Taillights;
  • Timing Belt;
  • Tire Wear;
  • Transmission Fluid;
  • Turn Signals; and
  • Windshield Wipers

As you can see, that’s a pretty comprehensive list of the components in your vehicle.  During a tune-up we like to check everything that experiences wear and tear and look for any potential failure points.  Catching potential failures early keeps you safe and that’s our top priority!  We will let you know up front what will be replaced due to age and which repairs we recommend.

Why we’re the best choice for your tune-up in Paso Robles and Templeton

A tune-up is all about you and your car and keeping you safe when you’re out on the road.  At Allegiance Automotive, we take your safety seriously.  Our car repair technicians and mechanics in Paso Robles are experts in the field and want you to feel comfortable asking us any questions about your vehicle or our car repair recommendations.  We also offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on most services and repairs, which is why we’re your best choice in Paso Robles and Templeton for your next auto tune-up.

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