Smog Check & Emissions

Smog Check & Emissions

Time for your smog check for the DMV?  We are a California Licensed Smog Check auto shop and can conduct your needed emissions inspection.

A smog check is a part of living in California and in San Luis Obispo County in particular as its purpose is to improve the air we breathe.  Unless your vehicle is exempt from a smog certification, a smog inspection will be required at every-other renewal of your vehicle’s registration (after your car reaches a certain age; typically 8 model-years old) and an additional smog check will likely be needed within 90 days of selling your vehicle.

What is a Smog Check?

Smog check inspections are conducted to identify vehicles creating excess emissions and in cases where a vehicle is producing excess emissions, the car, truck, or SUV must be repaired to maintain registration and keep our community safe from smog.  Our auto repair technicians and mechanics are State-licensed to conduct smog checks and repair vehicles in need of emissions repairs, also known as a test-and-repair station.  Our team of expert technicians and mechanics are prepared to take any make, model, or year of vehicle for any smog check or emissions repair in Paso Robles, California. At Allegiance Automotive, we pride ourselves in our education, knowledge, and experience when it comes to everything automotive and that includes smog checks and emissions repairs.

The typical smog check takes only about 20 minutes and we are happy to have you drop by with or without an appointment for a smog check.  If you know you’re going to be in a hurry, please do make an appointment so that we will be ready to take your car right back when you come in.  Your safety and the safety of our environment is important to us, and we know that a tailpipe inspection alone isn’t enough.  During your smog check, we inspect tailpipe emissions, the emission control components and systems, the check engine light, ignition timing, exhaust recirculation system, fuel evaporation system, gas cap, and your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system.  When we’re all done, we’ll provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) to demonstrate you passed.  We will electronically send this information to the DMV for you, too.

Visit Us In Paso Robles for your Smog Check

If your DMV registration is telling you that it’s time for a smog check on your vehicle, bring it on in!  We are here Monday-Friday and Saturdays by appointment conducting smog checks in Paso Robles, California.

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